Steampunk Rally

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Players 2 - 8
Playing Time (Minutes) 60
For Ages 14 +
Designer Orin Bishop
Publisher Roxley Games
Publication Year 2015
Board Game Geek ID 162007

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Steampunk Rally is a strategy game that incorporates steampunk as more than just a bit of chrome. Using a unique dice-placement mechanism, players take on the roles of famous inventors from the turn of the last century like Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie, constructing fantastical contraptions that make use of steam, heat and electricity in an attempt to win a no-holds-barred race through the Swiss alps.

Players 2-8
Playtime 60mins
Age 13+

108 Dice
108 Machine Part Cards
11 Inventors
11 Inventor Standies
8 Damage Gauges
36 Boost Cards
7 Track Tiles
40 Cog Tokens
1 Full Color Rulebook


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Barcode # 9780992126827
Brand Board Games
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg

Fast and Fun Mario cart the Board Game - 7 Wonders

By: on 7 May 2016
Picked this absolute gem a couple of weeks ago and have played it 4 times now. What a fantastic game! It takes the draft system that made 7 Wonders one of top 25 games of all time and applies it to this dice driven race game. Each turn all players draw 1 card from 4 decks keep one and pass the rest on, this is where the decisions really start. "Do I want a big strong machine with lots of parts that starts slow and builds or should I go the compact machine driven by boost cards" "should I focus on shielding or flying" "Should I specialize in one dice colour or go for a balanced approach" 'should I push my luck or make perfect dice mitigation machine " etc.. This game offers hundreds of really neat little combos that make every game a new little puzzle, just like Lewis and Clarke. But you can play from 2-8 players with no down time or loss of strategy as this is a simultaneous action selection game. I just really like it. So if you enjoyed Factory Fun, Troyes, Artifacts Inc., 7 Wonders or Lewis and Clarke chances are you'll love this game. Also if you like a game that is fast paced but has very deep strategy, where the intense Terra Mystica player can build a mammoth dice conversion machine next to the Mysterium only player who runs a simple little boost rocket, but both have a great time, this is the one to get.

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