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In order to realize their objectives, the adventurers each embark on a new journey. Aladdin sets his sights on the land of Magnoshutatt to study magic while Alibaba travels to the Leam Empire to challenge the gladiators of the coliseum. Morgiana sets sail towards her homeland of Katarg, and Hakuryu returns to the Kou Empire Equipped with a charm to mask his powers of a Magi, Aladdin arrives to Magnoshutatt with another goalto investigate this nations relation with the Al-Tharmenthe power behind the Abnormalities of the World. Meanwhile, the royal family of the Kou Empire was in mourning for their Emperors passing and is shocked when the throne is passed on to someone they had not expected. An ominous cloud loomed over the Empire as the flames of revenge burned within Hakuryu. The Magi of the Leam Empire, Scheherazade, also sensed this threat from across the sea and grew concerned for her people. Back in Magnoshutatt, Aladdin is hard at training at the academy when he meets Titus Alexius, a prodigy from Leam. But, Aladdin realizes that Titus was also equipped with the same charm! What is Tituss true identity?! An all new adventure big enough to change the world begins now!



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