Welcome to the new Dungeon Crawl

Author: Christian   Date Posted:15 March 2016 

Here we are - after a hard month of solid work (and many a BBQ Pork Roll) Dungeon Crawl has been rebooted. 

We hope you like the new site - a lot of thought was placed into making it a fun and intuitive webstore for our loyal DC fans and we are stoked with how it has all come together. We trust you are too!

We have a few ideas in the works, so expect to see more changes and tweeks in the next few months that will utlimately improve on what lies before you today. Play around, make an account and let us know what you think. Ultimately this is YOUR site to use, and naturally your feedback is vital in order to turn it into a web store that the DC community can enjoy.

In the next few months, our primary goal is to win back the trust of the dedicated customer base who were burned during the Administration of the old owners. We'll do that obvioulsy through great service, shipping and awesome products but also through engaging with each and every one of you. Feel free to chat with us, whether it be order related or simply to tell us why you like going rogue in the Dark Zone. (Because it's fun, duh!). We can be reached via email, but also via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

In time, we hope Dungeon Crawl can be a nexus for all things 'nerdy' - we want to stock the things we love, whether it be Video Games, Board Games, Comics and Magic: The Gathering. Expect our product range to grow and evolve this year, as we get in more stuff we love.

The new Dungeon Crawl is a labour of love, because after all - we play games too.


- Christian & Adrian

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Glad to have you back

12 October 2016
I was wondering why the newsletters stopped while I was at the mines. Glad to have you back.

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