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Author: Christian   Date Posted:15 March 2016 

Found a problem on the website? Think we are missing something?

Post any glitches/bugs/problems/ you find on the site, in the comments here. We'll go through this weekly to try and get them fixed. Suggestions and feedback are also very much welcome!

If you encounter a 'game-breaking' error, please report it ASAP to us via email: or you can submit it here.


- Christian 

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Checkout failure.

19 August 2016
When I try to checkout the page stalls looking for shipping options to my postcode with the shipping price displayed in a greyed out box with the icon spinning in the middle so the purchase can't be completed.

Listing Errors

By: on 18 March 2016
When I put the search criteria for games to highest price, it kind of gets it right, but in a kind of a weird broken way...

Fire emblem fates: special edition pricing

By: on 16 March 2016
Hi, the Fire Emblem fates Special edition on 3DS already seems to be sold out and is priced at $1238.76. Thanks, Clinton

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