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Platform Board Game
Players 3 - 5
Playing Time (Minutes) 30
For Ages 8 +
Designer Jurgen Spreutels
Publisher Indie Boards & Cards
Year 2016
Board Game Geek ID 201243

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In Baby Blues every player is working in their neighbor's day care center. You have five babies under your charge, and you want to keep your babies happy. Happy babies score points at the end of the game, crying babies do not. You'll play cards to make other babies cry and keep your babies happy.

Each turn you can play as many Green (good) cards and one Red or Orange (bad) card on one of your opponents. Red & Orange cards are misfortune events that make babies cry - like poopy diapers and taking their pacifier. Green cards comfort your babies, changing diapers and feeding. Any unhappy baby at the end of your turn will cry and is out of the game.

The game ends when one player has only crying babies. All the babies that aren't crying are flipped over and their points totaled. The player with the most points wins!




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