About Us

The Dungeon Crawl story is a tale for the ages - founded centuries ago in 2004, DC existed as purely a legend within the eBay marketplace. Some say the store operated out of the dankest, shadowy depths of the eBay offices - a haven for imported games and the forbidden art of Table Top. It became the R'lyeh of the internet, and many a gamer made the perilous pilgrimage for the rumoured ‘Elizabetheth Streetus Retailus Shoppe’.

Were the tantalising tales of Dungeon Crawl true? Were the ballads of  great prices and astounding customer service to be believed? Is anything real?


What is the truth?

The truth is far more sexier that the myth.

We’re a bunch of average guys selling stuff we think is awesome from a warehouse in Tullamarine! We love what we do - the DC team is made up of varying generations of gamers, who passionately debate the gaming industry, while also lovingly packing your orders! (A strictly platonic form of love, we assure you)

Try us today and see what we do - we aim to bring fun, enthusiasm and expertise to all of your orders.  

xoxo Dungeon Crawl


The DC Team


Adrian Larocque - Gaming Magnate

My first gaming experience was playing Just and Demon Attack on the Atari at the age of five; since that defining moment video games have been an integral part of my life. From Mario Bros. to Uncharted I have watched the game industry change and evolve into the behemoth that it is today.  I'm proud to be working within the industry ensuring gamers across Australia have access to all the latest and greatest titles from an independant game shop.  If you are a motorbike enthusiast you can also check out my other online business Third Gear.             

                   Favourite Achievement : Finally smashing Mike Tyson and finishing Punch-Out on the NES 80’s.





Christian McKelve - eCommerce Overseer

I grew up on Nintendo  - my earliest memories involve sneaking in late night sessions of 'Super Mario Bros',  'Ironsword' with my brother (Shh don't tell Mum).   Video games have become a deeply ingrained part of who I am and it's great to see gaming become such an artistic and cultural wonder in the entertainment industry.  While not gaming related, I also have a fondness for Chinchilla's and dream of one day retiring to a farm where I can live in the forest with my furry friends. You can always hit me up on our Facebook page or Twitter account as I look after all things social media while ensuring we have the best back catalogue range in Australia. 

                   Favourite Achievement : 100% Completion in Crash Bandicoot. 





Ihsan Olcer - Website Guy

 I've been gaming since the age of two and my first foray into the world of pixels was Mario Bros. on the NES.  I have spent years running around Azeroth, exploring historical moments in time from within the Animus and fighting as Link on the Smash Bros stage. Some say that I have wasted my youth but really I was just in training for my role at Dungeon Crawl.  I look after the nuts and bolts of the online store ensuring it is running smooth to provide you the best possible online shopping experience.     

                   Favourite Achievement : Collecting 999,999 bolts in Ratchet and Clank to get the R.Y.N.O





                       Shane Leith - Logistics Extraordinaire

My earliest gaming memories are playing the original Nintendo in the late 80's while riding around in the car on long family road trips; My dad hooked up a small TV in the car and I would play old school mario, baseball and the AFL game they had for Nintendo while bee bopping around Australia.  My favourite games during the 90's were Goldeneye and WCW/NWO revenge for the N64.  I remember spending many hours and weekends playing these gems with my mates. My current favourite game titles now are FIFA, the Uncharted series, NHL and WWE wrestling. I'm the guy that is going to ensure that your package is lovingly packed and delivered as quickly as possible.

                 Favourite Achievement :  Goldeneye Multiplayer: Licence to Kill - Slaps Only - Stacks


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