About Us

The Dungeon Crawl story is a tale for the ages - founded centuries ago in 2004, DC existed as purely a legend within the eBay marketplace. Some say the store operated out of the dankest, shadowy depths of the eBay offices - a haven for imported games and the forbidden art of Table Top. It became the R'lyeh of the internet, and many a gamer made the perilous pilgrimage for the rumoured ‘Elizabetheth Streetus Retailus Shoppe’.

Were the tantalising tales of Dungeon Crawl true? Were the ballads of  great prices and astounding customer service to be believed? Is anything real?


What is the truth?

The truth is far more sexier that the myth.

We’re a bunch of average guys selling stuff we think is awesome from a warehouse in Tullamarine! We love what we do - the DC team is made up of varying generations of gamers, who passionately debate the gaming industry, while also lovingly packing your orders! (A strictly platonic form of love, we assure you)

Try us today and see what we do - we aim to bring fun, enthusiasm and expertise to all of your orders.  

xoxo Dungeon Crawl